Top Five YouTube Channels To Follow In 2021

My top five YouTube channels to follow in 2021. Learn more, get inspired and be entertained with these YouTube creators for FREE.

Read more December 31st, 2020

Should I Postpone My Wedding?

Lot’s of people are asking themselves “should I postpone my wedding due to coronavirus” at the moment. As a professional magician, I’m hired for a lot of weddings and with the majority of my 2020 weddings being postponed, I’m here to give my professional opinion on the top three reasons to postpone your wedding due […]

Read more May 11th, 2020

Get The Most Out Of Booking A Magician

To get the most out of booking a magician you will want to read this blog post. The following tips will help with almost any kind of event. If you hire a magician your guests will thank you later.

Read more January 15th, 2020

Christmas – 5 Ways To Do Good

Christmas is fast approaching. The UK is in turmoil over Brexit negotiations and the state of our future is currently unknown. However, something we do know is how we can easily improve our economy in the UK. In this blog I share with you 5 ways to do good this Christmas.

Read more November 10th, 2019

A Mysterious Tale Of Halloween Magic

A mysterious tale of halloween magic awaits anyone who reads this. Halloween has always been interesting. The way it’s perceived and celebrated in different parts of the world. Wherever you may be, here’s a Halloween tale you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Read more October 31st, 2019