Christmas – 5 Ways To Do Good

Christmas is fast approaching. The UK is in turmoil over Brexit negotiations and the state of our future is currently unknown. However, something we do know is how we can easily improve our economy in the UK. In this blog I share with you 5 ways to do good this Christmas.

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Bites Of Wonder

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like being at events with celebrities? Meeting royalty? Attending glamorous parties of the rich? All your questions and more are answered in this brand new YouTube series.

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Afternoon Tea With Business Mogul Lady Barbara Judge

As a magician that provides high quality services I’m often invited to high quality events and on this particular occasion I found myself having afternoon tea with someone who one week later became a hot topic in UK news. Who was it? Click read more to find out.

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My First Book

Many successful people have said that readers are leaders and a large proportion of prolific entrepreneurs say that reading is essential, not just for business but also in our personal lives. For the first time, at 31 years old, I finished reading a book cover to cover. Now I’m going to prison.

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Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards

How does a thirty something male, born in London and raised in Lincolnshire end up at Sue Ryders Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards? Let me tell you.

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